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Placemaking Nepal

Placemaking Nepal is a self-organized collective of Placemakers (architects, urban designers, planners, researchers and bloggers, geographers, heritage conservationists, artists, public space activists, social workers, journalists) dedicated to "Creating Meaningful Places for Memorable Experiences".

Our Vision

  • To transform the “Spaces we Live into Places we Love”.

  • Move towards a healthier, more humane city.

  • Promote equitable sharing of public spaces between diverse users and different modes of mobility.

Our Mission

  • Respond to the individuality of the place to ensure a built environment of quality.

  • Identify, protect and celebrate the unique character of the place.

  • Strengthen people-place bond and foster a sense of place by capitalizing on assets and strengths of public spaces.

  •  Entice diversity of users by providing an array of experiences.

  •  Be meaningful and attractive to people.

  •  Community engagement in the place’s planning and production (Co-creation).


PARK(ing) Day Indrachowk
September 24, 2022

One tiny tactical intervention can become a model for Reclaiming Streets for People!


Within Park(ing) Day, parking spots are transformed into temporary public places forming the setting for social life through creative use of the space traditionally meant for vehicles.

We are activating a parking space in Indrachowk as a site for creative experimentation, cultural expression, and social interaction, accessible to all.


Come join us in our effort to collectively re-envision our streetscapes.

Meet the Team

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